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Easy Bill Manager

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Price ($ US): $30.00
Average rating: 0
File size: 8.96 (Mb)
License: Shareware
Downloaded: 629 Times!
Last updated: 3/27/2009
Release date:3/21/2009
Platform (OS): Windows 98,
Windows NT4.0,
Windows Server 2000,
Windows Server2003,
Windows ME,
Windows XP,
Windows Vista
Minimum Requirements: No minimum requirements
Functional limitations: No Limitations

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Easy Bill Manager is a simple application that makes managing your household expenses and accounts much easier.
It also incorporates a reminder function that will prompt you in advance of events, such as birthdays, meetings....etc. As well as notifying you on you local PC of a reminder, the same reminder can also be sent to other PC's within the local network.
Regular Accounts and Regular Reminders, allow you to enter the details of Accounts and Reminders only once, and be notified when they are due, on an ongoing basis.
To help you balance you household budget, you can generate reports that show how each household expense (ie Gas and Electricity Bills) contributes to the overall cost of running the household budget. Using Trend Analysis, the projected cost of a particular household expense for some time in the future is calculated and shown in the Summary Report. This can be used to identify expenses that are increasing , and therefore highlight expenses that need attention.
Easy Bill Manager is designed using a Notebook format, with a Page for each function, and is based on Monthly billing cycles.

  • The Accounts page shows any accounts that are outstanding.
  • The accounts are highlighted when they are due to be paid.
  • Totals showing the amount of outstanding accounts for each month, this allows you to see you financial commitments for each month.
  • The calendar shows the current day plus that day when each account is due.
  • Reminders are for events like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings...etc.
  • A reminder can be set to produce an alarm at a particular time, that alarm can also play a sound.
  • The Alarm is a balloon window that appears at the bottom of the Windows Desktop at the required time
  • The reports are generated from the data in the Account Archive.
  • The report output can act a guide to maintaining your household budget.
  • The report also includes a feature, where based on current trends for each account, it can estimate the cost of that account at some time in the future



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