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Promote your software on Hotwinfiles
The Hotwinfiles Index has over 11,000 records; the basic listing is free. But this free listing does not give your software the best chance, you have to fight against all the other software in the same category. You can improve your downloads using the methods below:
What you can do for yourself.

Register with Regnow or Esellerate and enter your affiliate IDs on the software forms. Our pages are biased towards any software affiliated to the RegNow and Esellerate Systems. All search pages are biased, so that when anyone searches for a program the titles with Regnow or Esellerate affiliation will always be the first to be displayed. There is no cost to you for this, except that if anyone purchases your software, we would expect to recover the affiliate commission.

Additionally if you ensure your software meets with the requirements of the Regnow Tracker build, your software will be displayed on the main Index page of Hotwinfiles, in a blue box. This is randomly displayed with the rest of the other softwares using the Regnow Tracker system.As well as being displayed on the Index page, it will also be displayed as a highlighted box on all search pages and software list pages - Randomly.

What we can do for you

We can promote your software on our site and others. We currently offer the following services:

bullet Banner Rotation. By far the cheapest option-but may not be the most productive. Your banner will be rotated along with any other banners in the system. There is no exposure limit, you pay for the period.
bullet Advanced software Promotion. Advanced promotion ensures that your software is always highlighted on the home page of the Hotwinfiles site for the period of the promotion. This scheme has all the features of the Basic Software Promotion Scheme plus:
It will also be listed at the top of all search page listings in a colored box. 
Additionally when customers download any software from Hotwinfiles, the colored box will be displayed on the download page. This however will be rotated with the other softwres on the advanced scheme. 
We will also include a banner 468x60  pixels to be displayed on our site, if required.
We will always try to limit the amount of advanced packages in use in any one month, to ensure you all get maximum exposure.
bullet Html Adverts. We can create Html adverts in our margins of our site, these can link to any page you wish, either on or off the Hotwinfiles site. This is an ideal opportunity for you to create an eye catching advert for your software or service.


3. Obviously we do not have all the answers, so if you wish to incorporate another form of promotion, feel free to email us . We can use HTML Code embedded into our site on pages of your choice, the fee for this can be negotiated between us.
Above all we will work with you so that you achieve the best results from Hotwinfiles. We can't guarantee you more sales, but we can guarantee you more exposure. If your software is good, you will get the sales. If you are still unsure please email us we will be happy to answer any questions.
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